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Camping Cabin 13
Comfort Cabins 1 & 2
Cabin 18

We have 19 cabins offering a variety of size, comfort and pricing.  Cabin options include the following:

Camping Cabins are basic sleeping cabins, providing all the joys of camping but without the tent.  On the inside our camping cabins have electricity, space heater, air conditioning, fan, small table and chairs, and beds.  You provide your own linens and use the shower house located directly across the road for restroom and shower needs. On the outside you will find a porch with chairs, fire ring and picnic table.

Comfort Cabins are the next step up from the basic sleeping cabin, having all the comfort and convenience of a housekeeping cabin but without a shower.  Our comfort cabins have a kitchenette with a sink, dorm size refrigerator, 2 burner cook top, toaster, coffee pot, and limited cooking utensils. These cabins have a double bed and euro bunk (double on bottom, twin on top) and we provide the linens.  Inside, these cabins are equipped with air conditioning, space heater, fan, table and chairs, toilet and sink.  These cabins DO NOT have showers, the shower house is located directly across the road.  Outside, each cabin has a fire ring, picnic table and outside chairs.  We DO NOT PROVIDE towels or tableware (plates, forks, cups, etc.) in these cabins.

Housekeeping Cabins are classified as Small, Medium and Large cabins and have bathrooms with showers and either a kitchenette or full kitchen.  These cabins offer a wide variety of sleeping configurations to accommodate any size family or group.  Inside these cabins are equipped with air conditioning, a space heater, fan, alarm clock and  table and chairs.   All linens are provided in housekeeping cabins except pool towels. We do not come into the cabins while you are visiting with us unless there is a problem. Each cabin has a mesh bag inside to be used for towel exchange.  Just leave the bag with any towels that you would like to exchange on the porch by 10:00 am and housekeeping will replace them .  Outside each cabin is a picnic table, fire ring and outdoor chairs.  We DO NOT PROVIDE pool towels or tableware (plates, forks, cups, etc).

All kitchenettes have the following:

Coffee Pot, Toaster, 2 Burner Cooking Surface, Skillet, Large and Small Sauce Pans, Knife, Can Opener, Serving Spoon, Plastic Spatula, BBQ Fork, Slotted Spoon, Dorm Size Refrigerator**, and Microwave*

* Cabins 1, 2, 5 & 22 do not have a microwave

** Cabins 5, 18, 19, 20  have a full size refrigerator


Full kitchens have the above except they have a full size refrigerator, a 4 burner stove and oven.  Cabins 3, and 9 have a full kitchen.

Check in time  for cabins - 2:30 pm

Check out time for cabins - 10:00 am

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