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“You’re not supposed to drive here at 60 miles per hour. To do the scenery half justice, people should drive 20 or under, to do it full justice, they should get out and walk.” -Peter Norbeck, circa 1920

Located on the edge of 100,000 acres of hiking adventures, Spokane Creek Hiking Outpost borders Custer State Park and The Norbeck Wildlife Preserve, inside of which lies Black Elk Wilderness.  With hundreds of miles of hiking trails through some of the most pristine wilderness in America, hiking never looked so good!

From the American Flag Trail to the Spokane Ghost Town Trail to countless hikes within Custer State Park or the National Forest, Spokane Creek Hiking Outpost is a great starting place to come get lost for a day!


American Flag Trail


This trail goes up to an American Flag on top of the mountain located at the back of Spokane Creek, from which you can see distant views of Mt Rushmore.

Spokane Machine Shop.jpg_000002.jpg

Spokane Ghost Town


Spokane ghost town, founded in 1890 to extract precious gold, the mine proved richer in silver, copper, zinc, mica and graphite.


Just a short hike from Spokane Creek Cabins & Campground, maps of the town are available in our Visitor Center.


Black Elk Wilderness


Black Elk Wilderness area was designated as part of the National Wilderness Preservation System by Congress in 1980.   It is the only Wilderness at Black Hills National Forest and  spans over 13,426 acres.

Harney Peak Trail.jpg

Custer State Park


Encompassing 71,000 acres in the Black Hills, Custer State Park is home to abundant wildlife, adventure and hiking.

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Stop by Spokane Creek Cabins & Campground to pick up a copy of trail maps, get directions to trail heads, or get a map of the town of Spokane as it once existed.

Spokane Creek also has a gift shop, store, cafe, coffee shop, and restroom facilities where you can get supplies or refresh before or after a hike.

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